About The Madison Chorale

It was a circle of five musicians in the early 1970’s with $40 in their pockets who longed to see a dream come to fruition. With sheer determination and singularity of purpose, the group pooled their efforts to establish a viable and enjoyable form of group entertainment. Forty years later, their efforts have paid off.

The Madison Chorale, your local venue for talent and entertainment, celebrates 42 years of inspirational music production. An auditioned intergenerational group open to men and women, the group performs a variety of holiday and Spring concerts. They have provided a creative and challenging outlet for those who love to sing.

Originally affiliated with the City of Madison Heights and Lamphere Continuing Education system and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, the group sang for the first time at City Hall in May, 1973. Under the direction of various music directors who came and went, the group finally stabilized under the youthful and creative leadership of Maureen Kennedy.

Recognized by the City of Madison Heights and honored by the State of Michigan House of Representatives, the group provides many charitable performances and has established an annual concert series.

The Power of Music

Music enhances the holiday spirit, freshens your outlook on life, fosters hope, exhilarates, encourages awareness of the arts.

It requires effort and dedication on the part of those who bring us joy through their artful presentation of music. They transport us into the peaceful realm of pure harmony, or, with exuberance, open our eyes wide with exciting foot-stomping, gutsy musical rendition.

Blues, ragtime, romance, show tunes, old tunes - somber, lively, spiritual, classical - you will hear a seasonal and varied production of music to warm your soul and lift your spirit. We have proudly presented programs such as the “Richard Rodgers Anthology,” Bach’s “Magnificat,” and Bernstein’s “Chichester Psalms.” Join us and hear the music come alive for your enjoyment!

Meet our Director, Chancellor Wyman

We welcome our friend and comrade, Chancellor Wyman, as Director of the Madison Chorale beginning the 2015 fall season. Previously, Chancellor worked as accompanist and, as needed, chorale director for the Madison Chorale. Talented in the field of music, his abilities are strong in the arena of piano and organ performance, voice and musical interpretation. Chancellor brings with him many years of choral conducting experience and is well-versed in directing large music groups.  As an excellent musician himself, he is proficient in the interpretation of music and possesses a strong background as an educator. 

As an educator in the field of choral arts, Chancellor has worked as accompanist for vocal music programs at Roseville High School and Grosse Pointe Community schools. He has served as the Vocal/Music Director for Henry Ford II High School’s musical theater productions and is the accompanist for the Birmingham Temple and Franklin Community Church. He has often accompanied The Madison Chorale in the tenor section, offering a strong, pitch perfect performance. He is quite successful in that he can “teach” the music, providing the scenery, the mood, the feeling and interpretation of the music. He is congenial and engaging.

Chancellor received his B.A. in Music from George Washington University in Washington, D. C. with a concentration in Piano Performance. He subsequently pursued graduate studies at Wayne State University. He lives with his wife, Amber, and three young children in Hazel Park, MI.

Noah Horn, Past Director 2013 - 2015

Noah Horn

The Madison Chorale was fortunate to work under the direction of Noah Horn, Director of the chorale for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons. Noah grew up in Davenport, Iowa, and at an early age began playing music on a calculator that produced the appropriate major scale degree whenever a number was pressed. He serves as the music director of Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church, and founder and co-director for Audivi Vocem. He completed the coursework for a doctorate in conducting at Yale University, and holds a master degree in conducting and organ performance from Yale. He attended Oberlin College for undergraduate study in organ.

Noah is well-known as having led a multitude of music programs including the professional choir at Christ Church, New Haven, and the Wesleyan University Orchestra. He endeavored and strived for precision of note and exemplified perfect pitch. He could hear it and produce it in his choirs. Teaching correct and effective pronunciation of the sung word, Noah conducted with enthusiasm focusing on the mood of the music. He had conducted ensembles in Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey, as well as the Detroit Concert Choir, Etherea Vocal Ensemble, Oberlin Collegium Musicum, Uppsala Akademiska Kammarkör, Yale Alumni Chorus, Yale Camerata, Yale Repertory Chorus, Yale Schola Cantorum and Yale Symphony Orchestra. In addition, Noah performed organ recitals in many U.S. states and in Germany. As a tenor, he has sung a variety of solo roles with choir and orchestra ranging from Handel to Britten’s “St. Nicolas.” He has recorded albums for Naxos and Delos with professional ensembles and with 3Penny participated in the final rounds of America’s Got Talent 2013. He remains active as a collaborative pianist, harpsichordist, trumpet player, composer, and website designer and programmer.

Noah recently accepted a position at Wayne State University to direct all three university choirs, teach four sections of aural skills and teach the master’s degree program in choral conducting. This opportunity allows Noah to work with some of the best undergraduate students in metro Detroit as well as contribute to the culture of Midtown helping to bring about revitalization in the heart of Detroit. He lives in Ann Arbor with his new wife, Arianne. How fortunate was the Madison Chorale to benefit from his expert musical leadership. 

Maureen Kennedy, Director Emeritus, 1978–2013

Madison Chorale Maureen Kennedy

Recently retired local resident and accomplished musician Maureen Kennedy directed the 30-member Madison Chorale with a seriousness of effort designed to mold and develop the many talented members of the group.  Her ability to recognize talent and apply it suitably to enhance the group’s effort was honed and perfected after 35 years of service and commitment to the chorale.  She holds a master degree in music with concentrations in Choral Conducting and Vocal Pedagogy.  Her undergraduate degree is in Music Education with a major in Voice.  She knew the melody, the harmony and the sound she wanted to hear and endeavored with determination and skilled effort to build the Chorale into a strong group with exceptional performance ability.  Chorale members and audience alike benefited from her effort to produce melodic perfection.


Madison Chorale 2014
The Madison Chorale, Sunday, April 13, 2014

Key: S (Soprano), A (Alto), T (Tenor), B (Bass)